Love live the Kyng!

Welcome Kyng Cyrvs!

After a character building experience in Texas, Kyng Cyrvs is ready to take on the world and all its glory. Kyng Cyrvs, the man behind the first hip hop song written for a political campaign in Providence, RI, has officially joined The 101 Collective. Crediting the long time relationship between Premo & Kyng as well as the connection made between Kyng and Vega in Texas, Cyrvs says he's ready to work.

Along with his high energy music style, Cyrvs also brings the power of his fashion entertainment company, AV8A, to The 101 party. Often described as the rockstar of Hip Hop, Cyrvs is an Afro-futurist Hip Hop artist that blends runway music with street rap. His uptempo style can often make you forget that he comes fully equipped with cultural pride and constant maintained dreadlocks.

There aren’t enough words to describe what Kyng Cyrvs brings to the music scene and The 101 family. You just have to see for yourself. Keep up with Kyng Cyrvs online @kyngcyrvs. Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to keep up with The 101.