MC Presents “Aspire Greatness”

The young super star wasted no time getting to work when he joined the team. After much hard work, energy, and commitment "Aspire Greatness" is here. The debt Project from MC shines a strong light on the struggles he faced growing up. Through his collected vocals you can feel every word in every bar he delivers. "Aspire Greatness" is a powerful story about life told through the perspective of MC, a young man doing everything he can to keep his. 


Aspire Greatness, MC’s debut announced

The young king waste no time bringing showing the world why we thought he was worthy of the team. MC announced the release of his debut project “Aspire Greatness” with a plan to leave the competition in the smoke. With a planned 12 total tracks, the cover art gives us subtle hints as to what to expect from the sound. MC is ready to give the people what he’s got, the question is are the people ready? Guess the answer will come to us when “Aspire Greatness” arrives on June 22nd, 2018.

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Local Craft says Sooper Vega is a top brew!

It seems that Vega pouring his heart out was worth bottling up. Online Hip Hop news outlet spotlights Sooper Vega's latest release, Cuni'sTape, on their new monthly column Local Craft. Noted as not "just another project about love" the guys write it as more of "an emotional collection of songs selectively chosen to represent the many thoughts going through the mind of Vega." Read the full article right on Local Craft and if you haven't checked out "Cuni's Tape", you probably should. 

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Sooper Vega releases new album “Cuni’s Tape”

An expected yet unexpected release, Sooper Vega releases his self declared “healing project”. Originally written as a private piece to help deal with heartbreak, The 101 Collective, close friends, and Family convinced him to make it public. Take a moment to peak deep into the heart of a man who’s constant movement raises more questions than answers. Let us know what you think of Cuni’s Tape.

Brooxana’s “Poetry” is here!

Brooxana’s debut EP represents her love and appreciation for Music, Life, and Compassion. Soulful, poetic vibes with messages of self love, family, and the value of music define Brooxana’s presence in your everyday life. Enjoy as she takes you through a spiritual ride thats sure to leave you viewing the world through a different lens.

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The Wait Is Over! Premo’s “Over Due” arrives for Thanksgiving.

It’s been a long time coming. After tons of hinting, teasing, and waiting, Premo has released his long awaited project “Over Due”. Atop incredible melodic sounds, Premo holds nothing back as he delivers a story filled with determination and destruction. The wait was long and the entire project tells you why. Listen to “Over Due” Now.