Reign feels free!

The young bull is on a hot streak in his battle rap career, but that hasnt slowed down his songwriting game one bit. In his latest release he literally splits the track in two. Side A he delivers what his generation wants to hear. On Side B Reign reminds listeners he's not to be overlooked. Take a listen for yourself and don't forget to like and subscribe. 

MC Presents “Aspire Greatness”

The young super star wasted no time getting to work when he joined the team. After much hard work, energy, and commitment "Aspire Greatness" is here. The debt Project from MC shines a strong light on the struggles he faced growing up. Through his collected vocals you can feel every word in every bar he delivers. "Aspire Greatness" is a powerful story about life told through the perspective of MC, a young man doing everything he can to keep his. 


Aspire Greatness, MC’s debut announced

The young king waste no time bringing showing the world why we thought he was worthy of the team. MC announced the release of his debut project “Aspire Greatness” with a plan to leave the competition in the smoke. With a planned 12 total tracks, the cover art gives us subtle hints as to what to expect from the sound. MC is ready to give the people what he’s got, the question is are the people ready? Guess the answer will come to us when “Aspire Greatness” arrives on June 22nd, 2018.

Check out the album cover below and follow MC online @provcitymc. Also Subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with The 101 Collective.

The Young Conquerer, Reign

Reign declared that he intended on entering the battle league. He prepped himself and got his first battle in. Now we may be a little bias but the general consensus is Reign wins. Not only did he win but he made his next targets nervous. Check it out for yourself and let us know who you think won.

It’s a brand new paint job!

We hard the feedback and got right to work.

Hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website because we put a lot of time into making it, hopefully, amazing. Some of the cool new things you’ll find include a show schedule, a new media gallery, and a link to our brand new youtube page. We also popped some goodies under the hood to make the website run smoother. 

Damn, How could I forget to mention, we also added an awesome new merchandise page where you can check out all the latest gear from The 101 Collective and some of our fashion friends. As always, keep in touch and let us know what you think.

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There’s a new kid on the block. His name is MC.

A Story Like No Other.

Built from a life of challenge and change, the young artist has had no choice but to become a titan. MC, born Manny Cardoso, joins The 101 Collective as the youngest artist determined to push the boundaries of what it means to be a great emcee. With raw lyrics backed by true stories of pain and anguish, there are few heads he won’t turn with his wordplay. 

More than another young rapper, MC delivers the feelings he harbors with smooth vocals just as often as he does crunchy lyrics. A powerhouse of music, the afro star is also an avid producer and developing engineer. From the ground up MC inspires people to endure the toughest things that happen in life, because he already has.

Be on the watch for the earthquake 7 magnitude punch this man is packing in every track. MC, nothing more nothing less. Follow MC on social media @provcitymc and subscribe to our mailing list to keep up with The 101.


Local Craft says Sooper Vega is a top brew!

It seems that Vega pouring his heart out was worth bottling up. Online Hip Hop news outlet spotlights Sooper Vega's latest release, Cuni'sTape, on their new monthly column Local Craft. Noted as not "just another project about love" the guys write it as more of "an emotional collection of songs selectively chosen to represent the many thoughts going through the mind of Vega." Read the full article right on Local Craft and if you haven't checked out "Cuni's Tape", you probably should. 

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