Brooxana’s “Poetry” is here!

Brooxana’s debut EP represents her love and appreciation for Music, Life, and Compassion. Soulful, poetic vibes with messages of self love, family, and the value of music define Brooxana’s presence in your everyday life. Enjoy as she takes you through a spiritual ride thats sure to leave you viewing the world through a different lens.

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Feel the Soul: Brooxana reveals track list and cover art for Debut EP “Poetry”.

Just a few days away from release, Brooxana reveals the cover art and track list for her debut EP “Poetry”. Hand drawn by comic artist Anthony Vieira, the cover is a very artistic approach to visually displaying what to expect from the sound of the project. A very interesting thing to note is there are two songs titled Poetry opening and closing the album. What could that be about? We’ll find out in a couple days when Brooxana’s “Poetry” releases on February 8th, 2018. For more news and updates sign up for The 101 Collective’s mailing list.

Introducing The New Face of Soul Brooxana

A spiritual being like no other, Brooxana uses the soulfulness of her voice to carry her message of peace, love, and harmony in every note. Brooxana proudly calls Providence home despite having been born in Brooklyn, NY. With a voice that captures the glory days of R&B/Soul, Brooxana aims to remind the people how beautiful the world can be if we all just showed each other a little more care.