Royalty. Spirituality. Creativity. The three pillars that keep Kyng Cyrvs on a mission for greatness. One part artist, one part fashionista, and two part creative visionary stirred in a pot to create an artist like no other. Cyrvs captivates his audience with his constantly evolving style of music. Dedicating his time to creating music that fuses genres, both current and old, Cyrvs has carved an ever changing space in the hearts of his fans. And that's before even diving into his fashion endeavor AV8A, the team that brings HeatWave out every summer. 

Secrets ft. Jamillions

On the theme song for the upcoming series Double Standards produced by Keep It A Bean in association with HotInTI & Madir Wear, Sooper Vega addresses the dirty underworld of cheating. With an incredible guest appearance from Jamillions, Sooper Vega delivers an exciting and fun track with a deep message around the culture of sex in todays generation.